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"Laid-off women workers set up high-tech ecological parks", Laiwu News Network
Time:2017-06-15 15:38:50   Author:   Visits:

In March, the reporter went to the Taiping Village Industrial Zone Levin Shengtai cherry orchard, coincides with the cherry blossom, the fragrant, specially used for wall bee pollination shuttle which was very beautiful. Between the cherry orchard owner Pan Linxiang is busy with the cherry tree. She led us to visit the cherry orchard, while talking about the history of the creation of the cherry orchard. "At the beginning of 2004, I was laid off, I didn't know what to do at first.". Just a piece of abandoned land in Taiping Village, no one is willing to cultivate. My client wanted me to contract and get something to do." The land was quickly contracted and what was planted? Pan Linxiang decided to listen to the advice of the experts. "I heard that a fellow villager studied in Mountain Agriculture University, and we went to see him."." After the introduction of fellow villagers, Pan Linxiang met Jiang Yuanmao, Professor of horticulture and science and engineering at Shan agriculture university. "Professor Jiang is a famous cherry growing expert who advises us to grow cherries."." Under the guidance of Professor Jiang, a high-tech agricultural ecological garden was basically formed in the spring of 2004.

After several years of exploration, the cherry orchard has taken shape, "Cherry five years, since I here is the planting method of planar desktop compact, three years and fourth years in the early fruit period. Last year, the result, I gave some friends and relatives to try, they all feel very delicious, sweeter than the average cherry." "Cherry trees grow on the table. After the heavy rain, the rain quickly comes out of the deep trenches. Even if there is rain, it cannot drown the roots." Pan Linxiang pointed to the width of 2 meters, down 3 meters wide, 0.5 meters high on the table, introduced road. The plane type cultivation, both to expand the area of illumination and soil, enhance soil permeability, fundamentally solve the problem of flood plain area. "In the autumn of 2005, when there was a flood, a lot of trees were killed in other places. Although I was a young tree, I was safe."

Look, the cherry orchard in cherry trees are relatively short, mostly more than 2 meters, and a tree next to a tree, so it was a bit crowded. "This is called dwarf and close planting. According to the row spacing of 2 multiplied by 4, 85 trees can be planted per mu, which improves the yield per unit area of land."." Dwarf and close planting need three conditions: one is dwarf seedling, two is table type table planting, and three is spindle shaped plastic. "For spindle plastic surgery, but it took a lot of effort, the spring, summer, autumn and winter have to pull the plastic."." At present, all the trees in the garden are mostly shaped. "Is a dwarf and close planting, planting method, tree height, branches per plant quantity is big, now has 20 branches above. Can be three times higher than the average tree yield." "Farming without fertilization, pest control is not a drug. This is one of my features here." The cherry orchard has built two biogas digesters, wells. "Well, more than 30 meters deep, after testing to meet the drinking water standards, water quality is particularly good.". We'll water it with this." "We only use the compost fertilizer, cow dung, bean cake, sesame cake, pepper cake manure and biogas slurry. This will ensure that the increase of soil organic matter and soil permeability, for the growth and fruit quality of tree roots, especially to create the conditions for the increase of soluble solids, fruit output, good flavor and mouthfeel, ensure natural green." Jiang Yuanmao told Pan Linxiang, Pan Linxiang has always insisted on such fertilization. "Because only organic fertilizer is used, trees grow luxuriantly and disease is rare." "In addition to worms, we use this."." Pan Linxiang pointed to the insect killing lamp hung on a pole. "At first the leaves were falling regularly. I didn't know what happened. I was worried. After testing, the original soil viscosity here, is not conducive to cherry growth, its poor ventilation, the summer monsoon temperature is high, cherry trees on the leaves, but also prone to flow gum disease." Thus, Pan Linxiang every year in the fall combined with fertilization to change the soil, a large number of organic fertilizer, corn stalks, sand and other deep turning, and finally changed the clay into loam, the problem of defoliation is solved. "Previously, in order to weed, pest control, anti bird, I think a lot of soil measures, but there is no scientific way to use."." "In order to weed and insect pest, in the garden to raise geese, chicken, then think very well, chicken eating insects, geese eating grass, I did not expect chickens and geese pulling leaves, dig roots, this approach does not work."." "In order to prevent bird, they put firecracker, a year down, also do not know how much to put. At first, the birds were afraid, and for a long time they were not afraid." Speaking of these, Pan Linxiang hey hey smile. "Now, set up a bird proof and anti canopy, no longer afraid of birds." Steel and steel support defense plastic shed every two sets a ditch, in a rain shelter erected between bird proof. "Now, sometimes the rain is rain, if it hit the rot in fruit, can set up anti canopy, anti bacteria, anti waterlogging, late spring coldness. The bird bird proof block on the outside, no longer have to put a firecracker."

"You watch these bees. What's the difference between the bees you see in peace?"" She didn't really pay attention. The shuttle in the cherry blossoms between the bee, is specially used to wall bee pollination. "This is our special introduction from Beijing, this bee has a characteristic, as long as more than the temperature of 10 degrees, it will come out, and only in the 30 meters within the range of activities, very suitable for pollination."."

"Scientific planting is effective, and traditional planting methods can not solve all the problems.". Only understand science, in order to manage the orchard." Ever since he became the principal, Pan Linxiang has picked up his books again. "At night, I read books and take notes.". If you don't know what you know, write it down and give it to an expert whenever you have the chance." In summary Pan Linxiang's desk, there is a long row of books, which is "biology", "fruit garden", "biology botany" Introduction to university teaching materials, there are "fruit cultivation", "Cherry planting" and other practical books. Pan Linxiang hasn't been able to remember how many notebooks she has taken over the years, and now she's a senior gardener.

In order to manage the cherry orchard, Pan Linxiang to treat their children like the cherry trees. "March 1st, cool, light rain, night winds."." There are several books hanging on the wall, which record the weather carefully. In her cell phone and camera, photos of each cherry tree are stored for the first time, germination, bloom, and result. "Usually free to take it out to see."."

Build greenhouses, biogas pools, dig wells, buy appliances, which all need money. In the past five years, Pan Linxiang has invested about 500000 yuan, basically relying on loans. "Do this, in the past few years, all inputs, no returns, great risk.". But as long as you choose, do well." Next, in addition to expanding the scale, Pan Linxiang also want to build a cold storage, planning is designed. Next to a cherry orchard with large scale and high quality, we built Laiwu cherry planting base." Speaking of future plans, standing under the cherry tree Pan Linxiang looked smug.