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The research and extension of high yield and high efficiency cultivation technology of organic Cherry Variety
Time:2017-06-15 15:39:59   Author:   Visits:

Project Name: research and extension of high yield and high efficiency cultivation technology of organic Cherry Variety

Unit project: Laiwu Shengtai Cherry Orchard

Project Leader: Pan Linxiang

Project contact: Pan Linxiang

Contact number: 13396344080

Address: 0.5 kilometers south of Taiping Village, Laicheng Town, Laicheng District, Laiwu (50 meters west of intersection of Laicheng Avenue and interchange River Road)

Main promotional content:

1, the establishment of organic cherry production base, to promote the new model of cherry cultivation in plain areas, that is, table top cultivation.

2, to study the advantages and disadvantages, biological characteristics, root growth and development, flowering and Fruiting of Table Cherry, and the characteristics of water and fertilizer, gas demand, ground temperature and water demand.

3, promote the plane desktop culture of sweet cherry dwarfing close planting methods, supporting tree - spindle pruning and scientific management measures.

4. Popularize new varieties of cherry. Focus on the promotion of Dai Hong, meizao and other varieties, such as pollination tree and pioneer Rene, study the main cultivars and Pollination Compatibility, collocation proportion.

5, popularize the scientific methods and methods of preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests in organic cherry production management, and study the physical methods to prevent and control pests and diseases.

6, big cherry rain shelter cultivation, anti bird cultivation and multi span plastic greenhouse cultivation, protection of culture of sweet cherry growth and high yield measures.

I. project overview

The project area is located in the south of Taiping Town, Laicheng District, Laiwu. Covers an area of 120 acres, is a cooperative project of Laiwu Shengtai Cherry Orchard and Shandong Agricultural University. The project name is organic cherry variety of high yield and high efficiency cultivation technology research and promotion of the project, the purpose is to establish a large cherry varieties with high yield and high efficiency demonstration base, improve the new technology of plain cherry cultivation plane table. Promotion of new varieties of cherry, dwarf and close planting, cultivation, bird cultivation and multi type plastic greenhouse cultivation. Through demonstration, we will further adjust the rural industrial structure, create an organic large cherry base, increase the income of farmers, and speed up the development of well-off society in rural areas. The base is located in the plain area of Laiwu, where there is no factory, no pollution source and beautiful environment. It is suitable for producing pollution-free organic fruit. In the planting base has good varieties of cherry Daihong, meizao, Xianfeng, Rene more than 11600 trees, using the most advanced desktop cultivation mode of plane, the dwarf and close planting. Table covered with film, under the film Yongquan irrigation, scientific management, standardized production. Under the guidance of technology and expert Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity Professor Nongda mountain, through scientific management, practice, explore the characteristics of growth and development of master cherry in plain areas, to further improve the level of scientific management methods and cultivation mode of desktop.


The project plan from 2007 to 2008, four new type multi span plastic greenhouse, the development of protected cultivation of 20 acres of big cherry. Through the implementation of the project to further explore the protective cultivation conditions of sweet cherry growth characteristics and high yield and high efficiency measures, to achieve high yield and high efficiency cultivation of organic cherry variety of scale and intensive.

Two, project undertaker's work base and technical promotion advantages

The project by the Laiwu Shengtai orchard organization and implementation, project manager senior agronomist title, has the rich production management experience in the practice of agricultural farming and agricultural technology application, Shandong Agricultural University Horticulture Engineering College, Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity Art College Park to provide technical guidance, Sau professor Jiang Yuanmao, Professor Peng Futian, Professor Lv Deguo of Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity is a technical adviser to the project hired, they are experts in the big cherry. There are academic monographs, the project to promote the "red variety" is extremely hill agriculture university professor Jiang Yuanmao breeding, project base equipped with the necessary research facilities and laboratories. Experimental equipment, accompanied by Yongquan irrigation, methane tank, moth discharge lamp and other modern agricultural management facilities. After the project is completed, the results will be in the "agricultural knowledge" and "Shandong deciduous fruit trees and dense mountain University publication of journals and publications published, can make full use of mountain agricultural university, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shandong Institute of Pomology technical advantages such as schools and research institutions influence, expand publicity, a large area in Laiwu, Tai'an comprehensive promotion, Shandong province and the whole country, especially has more extensive application value in plain area.

Three, the main technical content of the project promotion and implementation of the main place, the scale of promotion

At the Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity Professor under the specific guidance of experts, in variety selection, cultivation mode, production management, production of organic fruit in concept, carry out a series of exploration and research.

1, the project site, the project is located in Laicheng District, Laiwu city town Taiping Village south. The project area covers an area of 120 mu, far from the city and the factory. Villages, roads and other sources of pollution are surrounded by farmland and large development space. After investigation and demonstration, it is well suited to the requirements of pollution-free organic agriculture and is suitable for large-scale management.

2. varieties were selected, according to the climate characteristics of Laiwu, choose early maturity, fruit shape, anti cracking, short development period of products, good sense of early maturing varieties a Daihong, meizao main varieties. Daihong is the new Big Cherry Hill Nongda professor Jiang Yuanmao breeding, the varieties of the average weight of 10 grams or more mature than light early, the taste is good than red light, and the cracking resistance. The seedlings after planting for three years, fifth years into the full fruit period, strong growth, strong resistance, in the Laiwu area, in mid April May, mid flowering, fruit ripening. The fruit is red, carpopodium thick and short, continuous strong results, Laiwu is the earliest mature, the best quality of cherry, meizao is the main varieties of the United States, the average weight at 11.5 grams, 15.6 grams of maximum, fruit shape, sweet and sour, peel cooked is purplish red, shiny, yellow flesh crisp, carpopodium thick, short, good quality, in Laiwu in mid April May, flowering, late maturity, strong growth, branching and adorable force is powerful, cultivation performance is very good, good export prospects. Pioneer, Rene etc. a large number of pollens, good affinity for pollination varieties, according to the 40% main pollination tree collocation varieties, a good pollination environment. In order to ensure the purity of seedlings, special from Shan Agriculture University, Yantai Fukuyama nursery base into seedlings, signed purchase contract, and implement the responsibility.

3 、 table mounted training. Large cherry is afraid of floods and drought, requiring strong ventilation, adequate illumination. In order to solve these problems, the plane table mounted training platform, 2 meters wide, 3 meters wide, 0.5 meters high. Because of the long slope on both sides of the ridge, this kind of carrier culture not only enlarges the light area of the soil, but also increases the permeability of the soil. The plane table culture fundamentally solves a big problem restricting the development of big cherry trees in the plain area, due to surface growth, ditch depth of over 0.4 meters, after heavy rain, the rain quickly discharged from the groove, even if the water is also flooded to the roots, xingbucheng waterlogging. 05 years in autumn flood, Tai'an, died a lot of big cherry trees, caused a lot of damage to fruit today in summer, the mountains of Yiyuan also floods death a lot, although it is the base of the cherry tree saplings, due to the flat desktop training, xingbucheng waterlogging, trees are still good, safe and sound, for the 2008 harvest, laid the foundation.

4, dwarf close planting. The dwarf rootstock selection Daqingye cherry varieties, take 2*4 spacing, per mu contained 85 trees, using modern high density plastic = spindle training measures. Dwarfing and close planting and improving land use efficiency are the basis of high yield and high yield, but the technology is difficult and manual operation is labor-intensive. The dwarf and close planting, the conditions of success at least three: one is the dwarf seedlings, which is fundamental, no dwarf varieties, good management is not good control of tree growth, base all Dwarf Rootstocks by Folium Isatidis, laid the foundation for the use of other dwarfing measures. Two is plain areas, fertile soil, drainage difficult, trees tend to flourish long. Table top cultivation can effectively control the expansion of root system, and make the root system grow within a certain range, so as to achieve the goal of dwarfing. Three is spindle line shaping. Spindle weaving is necessary for dwarf and close planting garden. Spindle line shaping is suitable for close planting, and it is a kind of early fruit with high quality and high yield. The spindle for shaping process: stem 70 - 80 cm fixed value after cutting to 5 - 6 plump buds, bud is not enough to compensate for early secondary shoot pinching, but must strengthen management, new shoots out, vigorous growth, until late August, all new shoots in the center extend the head outside to 80 degrees - 90 degrees. The second spring season of germination, stem extension center head 60 - 80 cm in the left section, promote the development of second branch, general can elect 4 - 6. The remaining branches cut, the rear section of the 1/3 branch bud all eyebrow moment, promote the development of short branches, and can effectively prevent baldness. The first branch had leveled was drawn to maintain strict uniaxial extension, which happened on the sports branch, back erect Wang Chi, timely twist tip, pinching, stroking branches with branches to control in the long branch shoot twisting them into flowers, shoot twisting without timing, long shoots to 20 cm in 5 6 big leaf at the torsion tip, not from the base of torsion. The branch of the stem extends in the middle of the postganglionic to allow it to grow until the end of 8. The branches extend horizontally to the center, and the stem stays extended and upright. Third years after second years of work to complete in the autumn of third, the center of plastic, dry head extension also leveled, as with branches. In front of the first layer of big short branches in third years can blossom spring. After several years of plastic surgery, most of the trees are plastic base for spindle tree branches, leaves large, per plant in more than 20 branches, laid the foundation for the early fruit yield and high yield.

5, high quality wells for water. The base hit 6 deep wells, water quality testing to reach the standard of drinking water; construction of 200 cubic meters of reservoir three, ensure water for irrigation, water-saving irrigation base all supporting 50KW power - Bubble Irrigation System, save water and saves the labor, to ensure water supply due to the tree genre, from desktop training, covering on the table every time, irrigation water and fertilizer and biogas slurry mixed with the tide, with the drip irrigation system slow fertilizer, good water, the tree fertilizer, gas environment, the plane table cultivated mulching, drip irrigation, fertilizer application and cultivation technology of irrigation system, once every 10-15 days, until leaves. In addition, also need to pay attention to water before flowering and fruit development period. Before irrigation, the water temperature is low, easy to lower the soil temperature, root growth and development is very adverse, therefore, should be "water" or in water until the water temperature increased after pouring. In the period of fruit development, such as the case of dry weather, every 7-10 days should be irrigation once, this irrigation should not flood irrigation, but should be poured arraigned water ", to prevent water caused by cracking. Take the spring irrigation system irrigation. 75 tons of water per hectare. Irrigation should pay attention to water conservation, film mulching effect is best, if bare land, it should be zoned hoe. Young trees in the middle and late should be properly controlled irrigation, so as not to plant long, less flowers, but to irrigate the winter water, to prevent winter pumping.

6, the use of organic fertilizer. Only use the full maturity of cow dung, bean cake, sesame cake, pepper cake manure and biogas slurry as fertilizer, do not use any chemical fertilizers, which increase soil organic matter and soil permeability to the growth and fruit quality of tree roots, especially to create good conditions for increasing the soluble solids, the output of fruit flavor, good taste, is a pure natural green pollution-free fruit. Due to the long Bu plain old heavy clay soil, is very conducive to the growth of the cherry, poor ventilation, a high temperature summer rainy season, cherry tree leaves, but also easy to out of gum disease, therefore, the base soil dug up, big root will fully house the number of non organic soil, and fully blending yarn after the return to fill the back, put into a clay loam, to create the environment for the growth of the root soil Shen fan while good maintenance of big cherry root.